10 Useful Products for Home and Kitchen Cleaning in 2021

10 Useful Products for Home and Kitchen Cleaning in 2021

This article is based on cleaning tools. There are plenty of time-saving cleaning tools available in the market in 2021, but sometimes we get into thinking that whether we should buy them or not. And if they are bought, how to use them correctly.

Today we are going to tell you about some cleaning tools that help you to simplify your everyday cleanliness, and keeps your house always beautiful and clean.

All of these products are from Amazon. Before purchasing things, you must consider once about their usefulness and your personal needs. Now let’s get started…

The first and most interesting tool is scrubbing gloves. Bristles are provided here, which is very helpful for scrubbing anything. You can use either one to clean anything or wear them in both hands. Very effective in cleaning the tiles, countertop, sink and floor stains.

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Now comes this glass cleaning wiper cum duster. There is a spray bottle in which you can put the cleaning solution. Attached is a microfiber duster above it and the rear wiper is given in the same.

It’s an all in one tool to clean glass, windows, doors, and mirrors. When you have to clean glass, just pick this tool, spray it, then clean it with the duster and wipe it off. Your glass will start shining.

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Next are Gala’s dustpan and brush which is made of very good quality plastic. Its bristles are very strong and of good quality. The brush can be attached to the pan, so it can be stored comfortably anywhere.

It looks like a simple brush but one can clean many other things with this tool. This is a very helpful tool to clean the countertop of your kitchen, such as when the flour falls while making the chapatis, then you can easily clean with it.

It is very helpful to clean the food crumbs from the countertop or to clean under the dining table when kids spill over the food while eating.

Apart from this, it is very effective to clean the carpet, rugs and fabric sofa. Due to its strong bristles, all the dust, crumbs and pet hair from your carpet can be cleaned easily. The same way you can clean the fabric sofa too. We will highly recommend it to you all.

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This is a small cleaning brush which is very helpful in cleansing fuzzy dust and dirt in the sliding window track and window frame. With it, the small pan is also attached to take out the dust. With the help of the brush, you collect the whole dust and then take it out with the help of pan. Your windows railing will be completely clean.

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Next comes some dusting tools, and the first comes these Softspun’s microfiber cleaning cloths. This microfiber cloth is helpful for every kind of cleaning. Regardless of whether you clean your kitchen counter, do the dusting, clean the tiles, clean the table or do some other deep cleaning.

It is very useful for any kind of cleaning. You can also keep it in your car to clean the car interior. This does not allow the dust to spread and as it is very soft, there are no signs of scratches on your furniture.

And as it is made of microfiber, it has the capacity to absorb the water and it also gets dry soon. This is a very long-running cleaning cloth and is a very useful tool for every home.

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This microfiber dusting gloves also come in the same material. You can wear them in one hand to do the dusting at home. With the help of this, you can dust small corners, decor pieces, frames etc.

With its help, you can clean the ceiling fan without spreading the mess. The whole dust will stick in the glove and will not let it fall. It’s a helpful tool for your daily dusting. It can also be used for car wash.

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Next comes the microfiber duster in this category. It has a handle, which makes it easy to use. With its help, you can dust frames, paintings, wall arts. You can do the dusting of lights and lamps.

One can easily clean the railing and glass of the window. As well as high shelves can also be cleaned easily.

It is very easy to clean all the microfiber dusters. With the help of mild detergent, you can either clean them with hand or machine wash.

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Next is the flat mop. With the help of Velcro, it sticks comfortably. There is a bottle that is used for spraying mop and there is a knob on the handle to spray over here. As soon as you suppress it, the water will spray from the bottom.

This is particularly beneficial for spot cleaning like if anything spills somewhere, one can clean it quickly. And to mop on the Wooden floor where you cannot use much water.

Apart from this, you can also use it as a normal mop. Just dip into the water and mop the floor in a normal manner. Feels quite comfortable to use.

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A lot of people will know about this mop. This is called a magic spin mop. It comes with a bucket and a spinner at the top. Microfiber mop comes along with it. It will be attached there with the rod.

When the mop is to be applied then immerse it in the water and then put it in the spinner and spin it well for a while so that the water can be drained from the mop. But mop does not completely remove the water no matter how much expensive magic mop you buy.

We tested a lot of different types of mops but with the help of spinner, only 60-70% of water can be removed. So sometimes you have to squeeze the mop with your hands.

Overall it is a good Mop and you can mop the floor without bending. It is very easy to clean with this mop.

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This is an electric cleaning brush. It comes with different types of brushes that are used in different types of cleaning. There is also an on-off switchback. At the top, there is a charging point and with the help of the charger, it can be charged.

This brush can be used to do different types of scrubbing, such as the floor, tiles, roof corners, etc. It is helpful to clean the stubborn dirt from the sliding door frame.

You can scrub harder without bending. Very useful for people with back pain and for elderly people. The drawback is that it runs on only one speed. You cannot decrease or increase the speed. And if any attachments break or get missing you cannot buy it separately.

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We hope you liked this article. We will see you all next week.

Till then happy organizing from Residence Gear. Also Check out our another article on 10 Clever Home and Kitchen Organization Ideas in 2021.

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